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Some Original Thoughts on Golf
5th June 2011

My name is Emily Stacey and I am currently studying History at University. For over six years I have developed a love and total facination with the game of golf. It is not only the physical side of the sport that intersts me, but also the psychological aspect that contributes to the game. 

Golf is a sport that has influenced me since I was young and gives me great pleasure by either playing or spending time practicing on the driving range. Golf brings out the strength of character in a person and it is enjoyable to play with others who share a similar interest in the game. The social side of golf has brought me many benefits that has enabled me to continue playing throughout my teenage years, and golf will continue to play a significant role in my life.

Having thought about golf, and what makes a golfer these are some of my conclusions:-

Where does the origin of the word golf come from? A friend tells me that it emerged from an ancient Hungarian word, (or so he believes after quizzing Wikipedia). However, I argue that even today it quite clearly stands for 'Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden'. Maybe it's just me but whenever I walk on to a golf range there is a certain look that men show which does not fill me with a sense of confidenc e that I belong as a golfer. This look I refer to may not be intentional, though the general line of thought seems to say something like, "'Blonde women with a 7-iron? Give me a break'". Why eyebrows are raised when one simply wants to practice their swing is beyond me, but there does seem to be a genuine perception about lady golfers.

After giving it a bit more thought I realised maybe I should dress exactly as I do on the golf course when on the driving range. Golf shoes, Nike trousers, Pringle jumper, the lot. So, the following week I definitely looked the part as I purchased sixty balls from the clubhouse, yet before I had even swung a club the dubious looks were still apparent. I should say that most of the time this does not bother me and I simply get on with my practice without rising to the bait, but on this day I was determined to prove myself as a golfer.

It does make a difference if you can hit a decent golf shot, (which I can), and after a few practice shots this time I was hitting balls high and straight with few faults to about 200 yards. Pleased with my practice I continued to smash away whilst occasionally glancing at others to see how good they really were. This seems to be a common trait among golfers, as everyone wants to learn something from the wonder at the end of the range who clearly knows a trick or two.

It wasn't until I was halfway through my basket of balls that I spotted two chaps glancing over at me, their faces showing complete bemusement. '"Look at her"', one of them exclaimed as the other dryly replied, '"Why, is she any good?'". I may be slightly biased in saying this but yes actually, she is quite good. Men may be able to show you distance, but I can show you accuracy.

After catching a glimpse of a few shots, I completely transformed and suddenly became a golfer in their eyes. Clearly underestimated at first, I felt a slight sense of respect as I walked off the range. Maybe it was the Pringle jumper, but I have a feeling it may have been to do with the golf shots. I'm still not sure where golf originally came from, but I am grateful that ladies are no longer forbidden from this great game. Never mind beware of the injured golfer, it's probably a good idea to watch out for the lady golfer too.


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