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amateur golf

Lancashire "Lads & Lasses" Results

This match between "The Lads" & "The Lasses" (i.e. Lancashire Union team versus the Lancashire Ladies Team) took place at St Annes Old Links Golf Club on Sunday April 2nd, 2000, on a very bleak day.

The results were as follows:

Lads 9 1/2 - Lasses 2 1/2
P. Williams & R. Bardsley bt Miss C. Blackshaw & Mrs A. Peacock 1up
G. Lacy & M. Mayor halved with Miss N. Evans & Mrs C. Seddon R
. Smithies & G. Hastie beat Mrs K. Egford & Miss C. Ritson 1up T.
Foster & S. Parry beat Miss E. Coates & Miss K. Keogh 1up

R. Bardsley beat Mrs A. Peacock 3 and 2
R. Smithies halved with Miss N. Evans
G. Hastie beat Miss C. Ritson 1up
P. Williams lost to Miss C. Blackshaw 4 and 3
M. Mayor beat Mrs C. Seddon 1up
S. Parry beat Miss E. Coates 1 up T.
Foster beat Mrs K. Egford 1 up
G. Lacy halved with Miss K. Keogh

Sally Hampson Hon. Secretary Lancashire Ladies' County Golf Association