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Virtual Golfers to Play in e-World Shotgun 2000

Microsoft is planning a gigantic virtual golf game on the internet on 24 June this year to coincide with a real golf event, the World Shotgun 2000.    Set to be the biggest gaming event ever staged on the internet  - up to 40,000 participants are expected - the “e-World Shotgun 2000” will involve computer game players across the world.

Organised on Microsoft’s gaming zone, the event will mirror the “real” World Shotgun 2000 which will take place at the same time.  The World Shotgun 2000 is being organised by St Andrews Links Trust to celebrate the history and traditions of six centuries of golf and involves golfers on courses all over the world hitting their shots simultaneously.  Already around 50,000 golfers in nearly 350 clubs in 35 countries across the globe have signed up to take part. 

“It is wonderful that Microsoft have organised this virtual event to match the real one,” said Peter Mason, External Relations Manager at St Andrews Links Trust.  “Golfers will now not only be able to play on their own golf courses wherever they are, but will also be able to play in the virtual event on the same day, later or earlier.  Non-golfers who have access to the internet will be able to join in the fun and take part in the largest-ever internet gaming event.”

In the real World Shotgun 2000, signals will be given from St Andrews over the internet on 24 June  at 12 midnight, 6am, 12 noon and 6pm to cover the time zones of the world.   Courses in the different time zones will give a co-ordinating signal to the golfers on the course to play their shot.  Microsoft’s gaming zone will use the same signals to trigger the start of their games in the e-World Shotgun 2000.

“The World Shotgun 2000 is now bringing together the ancient and the modern ,” said Mr Mason.  “Golf is one of the world’s oldest games and is currently played by around 50 million golfers world-wide.   Computer games played on the internet are the newest phenomenon.”

Computer game players will need to register on the Gaming Zone and registrations open on ???????.     Golfers wishing to take part on the golf course should ensure their club has registered with St Andrews Links Trust.   All players will receive a certificate of participation, whether real world or e-world, and golf clubs and golfers will have their names permanently recorded at the Home of Golf.