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SGU and SLGA to consider Amalgamation
12th December 2012

Following up on this press release Stuart Barber -Publisher of Amateur Golf spoke both with Shona Malcolm, Chair of the Scottish Ladies Golf Association, and Tom Craig,Chairman of the SGU, who confirmed that discussions were continuing with an entirely independant Joint Group to take this proposal forward.

The main objective of the amalgamation is to enable Scotland to speak wth one voice at all levels of the amateur game.

This view was emphasised by Shona Malcolm, President of the Scottish Ladies, who confirmed the overwhelming support for the amalgamation amongst the Ladies. The SLAGA have a simpler system than the men in that they have a structure where all the clubs have a vote on changes etc - one club one vote.

In 2011 over 90% of the Ladies supported the amalgamation and up to the date of the men's vote were reassured that it would be supported.

The 580 clubs who make up the SGU, and who alone have power to award handicaps had prevously been canvassed for their support in 2011.

Some 263 (of the 295 clubs that responded) had supported the amalgamation, so it was a disapointment when in May 2011 the SGU's shareholders comprising the 16 Area Associations voted 10 to 6 against amalgamation.

The Scottish Ladies have throughout strongly supported amalgamation and welcome the new initiative.

A lot of work has obviously been carried out so that clearly the SGU feel confident enough of support to proceed with this in depth discussion on the amalgamation proposal.

Tom Craig made it very clear that this was in no way a "cost cutting" exercise and that it's main thrust was to enable Scottish Golf to speak with one unified voice on all matters relating to golf.

Joint Group to Progress Discussions on Amalgamation

The process for exploring the possible amalgamation of the Scottish Golf Union (SGU) and the Scottish Ladies' Golfing Association (SLGA) has moved forward with the re-establishment of a Joint Group tasked with developing an amalgamation proposal.

Substantive discussions on the formation of a single governing body for amateur golf in Scotland can now resume in a positive atmosphere.

Alastair Thornton, a Sheriff (Kirkcaldy) and former solicitor, has been appointed as Independent Chairman of the Joint Group. Thornton, a keen golfer, was for many years a partner in the Edinburgh solicitor practice, A & W M Urquhart, where he specialised in litigation and mediation. He is also Past President of the Law Society of Scotland.

The SGU chairman, Tom Craig, said: "The SGU, in partnership with the SLGA, is committed to working towards a unified body in the Home of Golf.

"There is a great deal of common ground, and both bodies are ready to re-commence detailed consideration by means of a Joint Group. Alastair Thornton's credentials are impressive and we look forward to working with him."

Shona Malcolm, SLGA Chairman, added: "Alastair expressed an enthusiasm for being involved in the process. He is an excellent choice for this role and we are confident that our discussions, as a Joint Group, will enable us to progress this already lengthy amalgamation process to a conclusion which is in the best interests of Scottish amateur golf."

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