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Marlborough Golf Club's new captain takes office
25th April 2012

And April Compeition Results

New Club Captain John Symons took up office on Sunday 1st of April at the Marlborough Golf Club. The weather could not have been kinder and there was no evidence of exploding golf balls etc despite it being April Fools Day.

John was selling off sticks onto which you would write your name and plant it down the fairway at a point where you thought his inaugural drive would end; one wag put his marker stick on the ladies tee!

Many members put their markers down the right hand side thinking under pressure John would slice his tee shot, but he fooled most of us by pulling it into the left hand trees, where only a few, that new him better, had placed their markers. A great idea John and more money for your selected charity.

With entry to the competition being by donation and a raffle John managed to raise around £1,200 for his charity Dementia UK a very worthwhile cause for which he deserves great support. John is also running what he calls "THE 200 CLUB" where he is well on the way to enlisting 200 members to take part in a weekly draw for cash prizes and thereby raise funds for specific projects on the golf course.

The competition for the day consisted of teams of four with the best three stableford scores recorded at each hole and all four scores to count on par 3's. This was a tough day and eventually won by Les Trute, Alastair Baldwin, Graham Rissone and Stuart Ross with a grand 134 points.

A vast number of engagements lie ahead including the many interclub friendly matches where a great deal of original stories will be forthcoming from John's great locker of jokes.

"We look forward to it John with great anticipation."


Mens April Saturday Medal 14th April

Div 1
Alastair Baldwin
75 - 6 = 69

Lowest Gross

Neil Patch
78 - 7 = 71

76 - 4 = 72


Div 2
Alan Martin

85 - 14 = 71


Tommy Ruddick

84 - 12 = 72


Lowest Gross

Craig Wilkes

86 - 14 = 72



Div 3

Keith Arrel

91 - 24 = 67


John Hulbert

87 - 18 = 69


Lowest Gross

Clive Slade

96 - 27 = 69


FLAG COMP. 9th April

John Kitching

76 - 4 = 72


Lowest Gross After Count-Back

Gary Bond

85 - 13 = 72


After Count-Back

David Bauer

77 - 4 = 73


Ladies Whiteley Cup 15th April

Ms Amanda Conrad

99 - 26 = 73


After Count-Back

Mrs Trish King

85 - 12 = 73


After Count-Back

Ms Kate Bowers

92 - 16 = 76




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