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The golf swing problem
6th November 2012

It's easier than you think -
Having spent 40 years or more playing golf I had long ago decided it was anything but easy. I had tried various methods - depending on which guru was the flavour of the moment.

There were times when I thought I'd got it but too often they were like sticking plaster over the basic faults, which all too often came back.

Now I've read and assimilated Chris's approach to the game and I'm impressed - The book needs careful reading to fully understand and assimilate all that is being written but then it all seems to slot into place and I can't wait to put theory to the test.

Some of the basics simply explained

'Chris Riddoch has provided me with evidence I could only have dreamed of. This book is a must read for golf coaches who are looking for new ideas to enhance their coaching skills and understanding'.

The analysis identifies five key skills that are essential to making an effective golf swing. Each skill is explained, together with simple strategies for learning them. Grounded firmly in high-quality science, yet written in a light-hearted, entertaining style,  

The Golf Swing cuts through the buzzing bewilderment that surrounds the natural human skill of hitting a ball with a high-tech stick. All golfers - from beginners to tournament professionals - will find ways to improve their golf swings.

The golf swing problem

Current approaches to golf swing development are directly opposed to how humans learn physical skills.

Detailed swing analysis and complex swing theories are valuable for improving our understanding of the golf swing, but they're a major barrier when used directly for learning.

The problem is that treating the golf swing as a complex sequence of angles, positions, and micro-movements stifles our powerful, innate, skill-learning systems, which only operate through SIMPLICITY.

We've learnt other skills, such as walking and bike riding, simply and effectively by subconsciously harnessing these systems, but we override them in our golf swings.

'A well-learnt skill will produce a thousand correct positions, but a thousand correct positions - however well learnt - won't produce a skill'.

The Golf Swing is a scientific analysis of more than 200 research articles, addressing both golf swing mechanics and human skill learning. It confirms that current approaches to swing development are counter-productive, explains how innate, human skill-learning systems actually work, and outlines how we can harness them to develop effective golf swings.

This simple, effective approach focuses on developing just FIVE KEY SKILLS, each proven as essential in any effective swing:

•  An external mental focus

•  An accurate clubhead path through impact

•  A coordinated muscular (biokinetic) chain

•  A tight initial downswing radius

•  A passive wrist release

The author

Professor Chris Riddoch was a scratch golfer at age 17. He represented his college (Borough Road), his county (Cheshire), and had trials for England (selected as reserve).

He dabbled briefly with professional golf, but decided instead on an academic career. He studied sports science and obtained a PhD in sports performance. He's been a research professor at four leading UK universities and has published over 200 scientific articles on sport and exercise science. He's also a highly qualified and experienced teacher and coach.

The most thought provoking and stimulating golf book I've ever read. It puts science at the centre of the golf swing, yet explains it in a language we can understand'
COLIN BOREHAM, Professor of Sports Science, University College, Dublin; handicap 12

'A how-to-do-it, written as a who-dun-it! The scene is set, the clues are given, and finally the best way to learn the golf swing is revealed'
DICK MOORE, Book reviewer; golf beginner

'It was great to read a golf book that cleared away the mumbo jumbo and addressed the simple act of hitting a ball. Better than golf lessons'.
PHILIP LINDNER, Book reviewer; aspiring to a single figure handicap

In reviewing this book I've taken some of the diagrams that illustrate the book to show some of the basic requirements of the swing. They are easy to follow and make this a very readable exercise for the golfer who wants to A) Understand the basics of the swing - B) Read,inwardly digest, and put the basics to work.

In my view this is a book for the beginner to read and assimilate before launching into playing - without preconceived ideas and theories - it is also for the more experienced player who needs to "declutter" his brain of preconceived theories and then start all over again.

I totally reccomend this book to All golfers.

Stuart Barber
Founding Director and Publisher




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