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The Annual General Meeting of the Golfing Union of Ireland
8th March 2011

The Annual General Meeting of the Golfing Union of Ireland took place on Friday 18th February 2011.

Annual General Meeting 2011 ~ Notices of Motion

The following motions were carried:
1 Proposed by Ulster Provincal Council:
Distance-Measuring Devices:
The Golfing Union Of Ireland adopts Specimen Local Rule Appendix 1 Part B Rule 9 (Rules of Golf 2008-2011) for all competitions including Championships.
"A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. gradient, wind speed, temperature etc.) the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used."

2 Proposed by Executive Committee:

Union Constitution:

Amend Clause Clause 10.3.3 to read:
 "Appoint a Handicapping Sub-Committee, consisting of a minimum of three, all of whom shall be male members of the club, which shall have complete control of men's handicapping matters in the club."

Amend Clause 10.6 to read:
 "The Associate member shall consist of groups of male amateur golfers each group of which is permitted by an affiliated Golf Club to play the game of golf at specified times over its course or links and shall comply with the provisions of Sub-Clauses, and".

Delete Clause 11.2 which states:
"The documents and fee detailed in Sub-Clause 11.1.4 must be forwarded to the office of the Provincial Branch in whose Province the course or links the subject of the application is situate".

Re-number Clauses 11.3 to 11.9 to read 11.2 to 11.8 and amend as follows:

Clause 11.2 Forward the proposed draft Constitution and the other documents to    GUI Headquarters so that the Central Council can satisfy itself that the    Constitution and documents comply with the provisions of the     Constitution of the GUI.
11.2.1 On being advised by the Constitution Review Committee that the proposed Constitution and other documents are in order, the relevant Provincial Branch shall visit and inspect:  the course or links to ascertain if it warrants the allocation of a Standard Scratch Rating in compliance with Sub-Clause 10.2.1 the clubhouse facilities in compliance with Sub-Clause  10.2.2.
11.3 On being satisfied that the application is in order and is not contrary to the best interests of another affiliated Golf Club having use of the same facilities and having received a favourable report from its inspection group, the Provincial Council shall notify the applicant that it is prepared to accept the application for membership and grant affiliation forthwith.

11.4 When affiliated a Golf Club:-
 11.4.1 Shall be allocated a Standard Scratch Rating.
 11.4.2 A Provincial Council may, in its absolute discretion, allocate an SSS    appropriate to the condition of the course or links.
 11.4.3 May allot official handicaps to its members in accordance with the     provisions of the UHS.
11.4.4 May enter GUI and Branch team events and its members may enter GUI and Branch individual championships and tournaments and compete in open competitions run by its or other affiliated Golf Clubs.

11.5 The Central Council will formally ratify the decision of the Provincial Council at its next meeting and the Club will be entered in the GUI records as an affiliated Golf Club.

11.6 If a Provincial Council rules that an applicant club should not be admitted to membership it shall notify its decision in writing as soon as possible to the applicant which may appeal to the Executive Committee whereupon the matter shall be placed on the agenda for the next meeting of the Executive Committee for its consideration and the applicant shall be notified in writing of the time and place at which the meeting is to be held and shall be invited to send not more than three representatives to such meeting.
Having considered the report of the Provincial Council and such representations as shall have been made on behalf of the applicant, the Executive Committee shall either confirm the ruling of the Provincial Council or reverse such ruling and admit the applicant to membership subject, if the Executive Committee considers necessary, to such conditions as the Executive Committee may impose. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.

11.7 Any club applying for membership of the GUI makes its application in the knowledge that it has no entitlement to membership and must accept that, if its application is refused by the Provincial Council, the outcome of the appeal to the Executive Committee shall be final.
11.8 Every applicant shall be furnished with a copy of the Constitution and Bye- Laws of the GUI when being issued with the form of application for  membership.

Amend Clause 14.1 to read:
"Any increase in the amount of annual subscription, and or levy, payable to the GUI by Affiliated Golf Clubs, University Clubs, College Clubs, and the Associate Member, up to a maximum of €2 may be agreed by the Executive Committee before the 31st October in any year, on the recommendation of the Finance Committee. Any increase above that figure, or levies to be approved by Central Council."

Add new Clause 14.4 to read:
"In relation to Affiliated Clubs that have a lease, tenancy agreement for or a legal licence to use land situate in Ireland (Vide: Sub Clause 10.2.1) the collection and payment of Union Subscription and Provincial Levy is the sole responsibility of the Affiliated Club".

Union Bye-Laws:
Amend the word "Union" to read "GUI"  throughout Union Bye-Laws.

Amend Clause 2.4 to read:
"Each club shall be responsible for the payment of the Union Subscription and/ or Levy and Provincial Levy and/ or Levies.
In relation to Affiliated Clubs that have a lease, tenancy agreement for or a legal licence to use land situate in Ireland the collection and payment of Union Subscription and Provincial Levy is the sole responsibility of the Affiliated Club".

Delete Clause 7.2.3 which states:
"If the conditions of any of these events (other than the four Provincial Boys' Championships and the Juvenile Championship of Leinster) prescribe a qualifying round, that the Affiliated Associate Member shall also certify that the entrant has a Handicap within the terms of the current Unified Handicap System as operated by the Council of National Golf Unions".

Clause 8.3:
Amend "(Clause 19.6 of the Unified Handicapping System)" to read "(Clause 23.9 of the Unified Handicapping System)"


The following motions were defeated:
1 Proposed by Connacht Provincial Council:
"The Golfing Union of Ireland allows the use of Measuring Devices during Inter Club Matches played under its jurisdiction under the same conditions that apply to their use under local rule in Club competitions".

2 Proposed by Connacht Provincial Council:
"The Golfing Union of Ireland initiate a full review of the present CONGU UHS, with a view to bringing about a structure that more accurately reflects the needs and concerns of our affiliated clubs than the current system does".

3 Proposed by Leinster Provincial Council:
Proposed amendment to Clause 25.1 of the CONGU Unified Handicapping System:-
"In Ireland, the GUI directs that the handicap of any player, in whatever category, who fails to return a minimum of three Qualifying Scores, at his Home Club, in the period between Annual Reviews shall become inactive".

4 Proposed by Leinster Provincial Council:
"That the CONGU Unified Handicapping System be amended where necessary to provide that the 0.1 upward revision of handicap will only apply to rounds where a minimum of 15 holes are completed".

5 Proposed by Munster Provincial Council
Amendment to Clause 20.4 of the CONGU Unified Handicapping System 2008-2011
"Subject to the provisions of Clauses 18.4 and 18.5, if a player returns a score with a Nett Differential above his Buffer Zone or records a 'No Return', his Exact Handicap is increased by 0.1. limited whereby the players handicap can be allocated a maximum of two 0.1s in any calendar month and up to a cumulative maximum of ten 0.1s in any calendar year."

6 Proposed by Munster Provincial Council
"In the Irish Mixed Foursomes Challenge Cup each club must present their team with pairings in order of lowest combined handicap."

7 Proposed by Munster Provincial Council
 "Roscrea Golfing Affairs Committee propose that all returns from other forms of golf outside of qualifying rounds be adjusted as per the old Clause 19.4(b) of the previous CONGU booklet prior to 2008 or Clause 23 as per the existing booklet."

8 Proposed by Ulster Provincial Council
"Ballyliffin Golf Club wish to propose the introduction of a maximum of 20 single point one increases to a players exact handicap in any calendar year".

The following motion was withdrawn:
1 Proposed by Munster Provincial Council:
Proposed Amendment to Clause 25.1 of the CONGU Unified Handicapping System 2008-2011:
"In Ireland the GUI directs that the handicap of any player, in whatever category, who fails to return a minimum of four Qualifying Scores excluding non returns from competitions played at his Home Club in the period between annual reviews shall lapse.

Union Officers, Committees & Representatives 2011

Union Officers
President E. Fayne
President-Elect F. Buckley
Hon. Secretary A. Lee
Hon. Treasurer R.R. McClure

Executive Committee
E. Fayne (President), F. Buckley (President-Elect), A. Lee (Hon. Secretary), R. McClure (Hon. Treasurer), M. Connaughton (Chairman, Connacht Branch), K. McIntyre (Chairman, Leinster Branch), M. Cashman (Chairman, Munster Branch), I. McCandless (Chairman, Ulster Branch), J. McGovern (Hon. Secretary, Connacht Branch), J. Ferriter (Hon. Secretary, Leinster Branch), J. Moloughney (Hon. Secretary, Munster Branch), E. O'Connor (Hon. Secretary, Ulster Branch), S. MacMahon (Immediate Past President).

Finance Committee
President, Union Officers, Trustees, R. Canavan, (Connacht), J. McNamara (Leinster), L.Martin (Munster), P. Sinclair (Ulster).

C.O.N.G.U. Representatives N Bennett, J. McGovern
S.T.R.I. Representative E. O'Connor
E.G.A. Representative M. Cashman
Junior Golf Ireland Representatives J. Duggan, P. English

Irish Senior & Youths Team Captain K. Flanagan
Boys Captain L. Martin
Seniors Captain B. Doyle

Junior Golf Committee
D. Murphy (Convenor), Union Officers, Junior Selection Committee, R. Cusack, J. Duggan, A Gibson, S. O'Leary.

Championship Committee
General Secretary (Convenor), J. Mooney (Connacht), N. McLoughlin (Connacht), M. Butler (Connacht), J. Long (Leinster), J. McNamara (Leinster), C. Maguire (Leinster), T. Donnelly (Munster), L. Harkin (Munster), B. Lynch (Munster), J. Boyd (Ulster), B. Hutchinson (Ulster), I. Smyth (Ulster).

S.S.S. & Handicapping Committee
N. Bennett (Convenor), Union Officers, CONGU Reps, N. McLoughlin (Connacht), J. Mooney (Connacht), J. Clancy (Leinster), J. Ferriter (Leinster), M. Lawlor (Munster), T. Donnelly (Munster), T. Jones, D. McNeill (Ulster).

Venues & Fixtures Committee
J. White (Convenor), Union Officers, J. O'Donoghue (Connacht), E. Lonergan (Connacht), J. McNamara (Leinster), T. Thompson (Leinster), M. Cashman (Munster), K. Walsh (Munster), D. Montague (Ulster), K. Stevens (Ulster).

Rules of Golf / Amateur Status Committee
M. Lawlor (Convenor), Union Officers, J. Mooney (Connacht), C. Madigan (Leinster), T. Donnelly (Munster), D. Irwin (Ulster).

Irish Senior & Youths Selection Committee
K. Flanagan (Convenor/Team Captain), J. Carroll, P. Hogan, K. Kearney, J. White.

Irish Junior Selection Committee
L. Martin (Convenor/Team Captain), C. McConn, A. Marsden, M.J. Murphy, R. Archibald.

Irish Seniors' Selection Committee
B. Doyle (Convenor/Team Captain), T. Basquille, T. Goode, R. McClure, J Moloughney.

Greenkeeper & Ecology Committee
P. O'Dwyer (Convenor), Union Officers, N. McLoughlin (Connacht), B. Dunne (Leinster), M.P. Murphy (Munster), E. O'Connor (Ulster).

Constitution Committee
F.W. Perry (Convenor), Union Officers, T. Basquille (Connacht), J. Ferriter (Leinster), J. Long (Munster), B. Mac M Ramsay (Ulster).

High Performance Committee
B. Doyle (Convenor), Union Officers, General Secretary, Irish Senior & Youths Team Captain, Irish Boys Captain, Convenor Junior Golf, S. Fitzgerald (Connacht), J. Long (Leinster), J. Moloughney (Munster), B. Edwards (Ulster).

Honorary Delegates
S. Smith, C. Gannon, C. Madigan, M. Burns, T. Jones.

F.W. Perry (Connacht), W. Skelton (Leinster), J.V. Lynch (Munster), R. Bell (Ulster).

Auditor W.J. Miscampbell


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