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Gastronomic Dictionary
26th January2011

How many English travel to France with only a vague idea of the language and are utterly stumped when confronted by the menu in a French restaurant or if self-catering have no idea of the cuts of meat in a French butchery or supermarket. Or the English equivalent of the French names for some fairly common or garden fish, or even vegetables.

Now here is a first class -pocket sized - dictionary which enables you to translate with ease and simplicity what you need.

French is the language of food. But there can be few outside France who would be able to read a French menu without difficulty. Even to the French some of the dishes,or ingredients are unfamiliar and need explanation. Even more difficult if you don't speak the language!

Saint -amour, saint-honore,saint-pierre, what are they? A wine, a patisserie, a garnish, a cheese,a fish! and cheeses and wines are often key ingredients in a dish.

The publishers Harmsworth Press write
"With spring approaching, and the weather hopefully improving for golf and holidays, we have a product that I know will be of great interest and help to the readers of your magazine. All your readers like to eat out in restaurants when abroad and often the menu can seem like a minefield! We can help with this problem. We are the publishers of four Gastronomic Dictionaries: French-English, Spanish-English, Portuguese-English and Italian-English. These A6 dictionaries are designed to fit into a handbag or even the pocket of shorts so the traveller can easily translate any ingredient or menu item. These dictionaries are available from leading bookshops or visit our website":

For the travelling golfer we thoroughly recommend this dictionary and although we have referred to France they also cover Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Carry one and order with confidence in your favourite restaurant -no longer will you think you are ordering liver and bacon and find you've actually ordered the regional favourite of tripe and the French equivalent of mushy peas. Not terribly conducive to a happy night out.

Stuart Barber
Publisher Amateur Golf




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