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Seniors halve university match

16th March2009

England's seniors were held to a draw in their annual match against the Cambridge University ladies at Royal Worlington in Suffolk.

The seniors have an excellent record in this event, having lost only one fixture since the match started in the mid-90s. On this occasion, though, they cut it rather fine – securing the half with the last putt of the day.

Team captain Jan Stockham commented: “As some of the university girls had longer handicaps than the senior ladies we gave them a start of between 1up and 4up for the afternoon singles. This was probably a misjudgement as the girls had already played most of their matches and are coming to the end of their season.”

The morning foursomes, played over nine holes, were halved with 1½ points apiece. In the singles, Jo Rumsey of Essex won a tight battle on the last green while Sue Orwell of Cambs & Hunts secured a second point. However, the university girls edged ahead with three  singles wins and the outcome of the match depended on the last game on the course.

Suffolk's Lottie Edmunds delivered the seniors' crucial point when she won her match on the last green.  The seniors' team was completed by Jo Ashmore of Norfolk, Polly Brown of Cambs & Hunts and Elaine James of Bedfordshire.

Results (English seniors' names first).

Jo Rumsey & Jo Ashmore lost to Louisa Tarn & Leanne Mullen 1 down.
Lottie Edmunds & Polly Brown beat Katie Taylor & Kate O'Donnell 3 up
Elaine James & Sue Orwell halved with Etta Martin Smith & Alexia Sohet

Rumsey beat Tarn 1 up
Ashmore lost to Mullen 2/1
Edmunds beat Taylor 2 up
Brown lost to O'Donnell 5/4
Orwell beat Martin Smith 3/2
James lost to Sohet 5/4


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