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England Golf Award £94,000 to Support Development in Four Counties
25th February2009

England Golf have awarded £94,000 to Derbyshire, Durham, Lincolnshire and Sussex County Golf Partnerships over the next three years to support the development of golf within the counties.

The four counties have all recently formed partnerships between their Men's Union, Ladies Associations and local PGA to work together on developing the sport in their areas.

Each partnership has produced a development plan targeting activities that include increasing participation, retaining golfers within the game to support club membership, developing coaching opportunities and providing a high level of service to all facilities and clubs.

Richard Flint, EGU/EWGA Golf Development Manager, commented, “It's great to see these four counties joining the growing number of County Golf Partnerships (CGPs) in England. There are now 29 CGPs, each one delivering on a structured development plan benefitting golfers, clubs and facilities within those counties. Forming a partnership is a positive step for any county looking to develop and grow golf within their area and the EGU and EWGA will provide ongoing support to ensure they counties receive as much benefit as possible.”

To date, £561,000 has been committed to the development of golf through CGPs, with 2009 seeing several partnerships coming to the end of their first 3-year plan.

More information on CGPs, details of partnership websites and their achievements to date can be found in the 'For Golf Clubs' section of the EGU website, www.englishgolfunion.org , and then click on ' Info for Counties '.

County Golf Partnerships are an initiative that have been introduced via England Golf's ‘Whole Sport Plan' for golf and are an integral part of England Golf's vision to ‘Grow the Game'.



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